Friday, 23 January 2009

Frost/Nixon Observer Preview Screening

Last night I attended a preview screening of Frost/Nixon, a dramatised account of the story behind Sir David Frost's interview with the disgraced 37th President. The film is rather good from what I could see - which wasn't as much as one might reasonably expect given that the film was shown with subtitles, particularly ruinous in a period film that uses captions already. Is it really fair to complain when you're watching the film for free in the first place? Ho-hum.

Still, afterwards we were surprised with the introduction of a panel assembled by The Observer (who were promoting the screening) to talk about the film and the issues it examines. No less that Charles Kennedy, John Humphreys, Samira Ahmed and Philip French has been lined up. That's right folks, Philip French, in the flesh, describing the film itself, in passing, as 'riveting' and mentioning that another flick referred to in the film (The Slipper and The Rose, produced by Frost) was one of the few he has ever walked out of - although he was quick to qualify that by saying he wasn't reviewing it. I made a point of saying hello and offering modest thanks for his writing.

The other guests were game enough (Ahmed had brought notes & quotes 'because I'm a journalist' she demurred) although Humphreys tends to spoil his marvellous anecdotes by rambling. We could have done without the snide, echt-Graudianista antagonist-wit from Gaby Hinsliff, the Observer's political editor but, as I say, is it really fair to complain when you're watching the film for free in the first place? Once again I say, ho-hum.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009... and to U2

Just popped into my head this morning. Can't think why.

U2 - New Year's Day - video directed Merit Avis

('embedding disabled by request'. Oh, great, thanks Universal Music)