Thursday, 18 November 2010

RCA Secret 2010

The annual lucky-dip market of postcard art has come to the Royal College of Art once again. I might have missed it, er, once again, were it not for some fortuitous surfing and a surfeit of BBC reports. It's a simple conceit to raise cash. An invited group of artists both established and upcoming make postcard art (on a standard issued postcard) and then it is exhibited anonymously for a fortnight or so. At the end of the exhibition, all the cards are sold (there's a maximum of 4 postcards per 'collector'). Of course there is the frisson that one may have bought an Anthony Caro or a Nick Park original worth far more than the uniform £45 price.

Browsing the exhibition is just as much fun as going all the way and signing up to buy. No doubt the artists have plenty of fun too either doing something unusual, or even imitating each other. The exhibition's last day is tomorrow and the sale is on Saturday.

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