Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Rebecca Hall must be very pissed off

Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Right, so the Barcelona bit is all about Bardem, the man/region that the women revolve about.

The Cristina bit is Johansson.

So, by deduction, the Vicky bit must be Penelope Cruz, right?

No... of course, Vicky is the character played by Rebecca Hall. So:

why is the film not called Maria Cristina Barcelona?/why is Rebecca Hall not in the publicity poster?

A question of similar importance - why was Cruz nominated for and awarded a BAFTA and an Oscar for her (stock fiery Iberian) role in this film, a role dwarfed in size, import and quality of rendition by Rebecca Hall's cultured characterisation of Vicky - and recognised as such when it premiered in Cannes a year ago?

I don't understand.

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