Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Explosive electronica resurgence - Why?

Suddenly we have:

Pet Shop Boys winning a lifetime achievement gong at the Brits, which just happens to coincide with

the release of a new single (and striking video)

the imminent release of their new album

although they've had time to write Girls Aloud's new single.

Probably with the X factor-conic Cheryl Cole in mind, Neil Tennant took a moment to protest about the lack of electronica-style music on that show, worrying about the absence of bands like his own or indeed Depeche Mode...

... though he needn't have bothered given that The Saturdays are covering a Depeche Mode song for Comic Relief and besides

Depeche Mode have just released a new single (and striking video) given

the imminent release of their new album.

Is there something in the water?

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